Terms & Conditions

  • Please furnish the correct beneficiary name, account number , bank branch (if sent to bank)and mobile of both the remitter and beneficiary.
  • If the remittance returned due to incorrect details, Aldar Exchange will not take any responsibility and remitter will have to bear additional charges, if any for resending the remittance. In case of refund, the prevailing buying rate of Aldar Exchange will be applicable.
  • If the beneficiary has not claimed the amount or if the amount has been returned, the refund amount will be given back to the card used at the time of remittance.
  • Aldar Exchange will not be responsible for any delay in remittance arising out of acts beyond our control via, telecommunication breakdown, natural disaster etc.
  • The remitter/ customer should ensure that receipt is printed for every remittance made. It should also be ensured before completing the transaction that the details mentioned are correct.
  • At any circumstances transfer fees will not be refunded after the transaction has been processed by Aldar for Exchange works.
  • You hereby undertake that the sources of funds used for this transaction is not through any illicit activities and the purpose of the transaction is legal.
  • You should help us to ensure the obligations to the regulators with our efforts to fight Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing by providing required information and supporting documents, if required. We may contact you in this regard at any time.
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Exchange Rates

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* Rates are indicative and subject to change. Contact our nearest branch for the latest rates.